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South Florida Youth Lacrosse League Rules

As a City of Coral Springs Recreational League the Chiefs must adhere to the 90% residency rule, which means that all teams must be comprised 90% residents. Non-Residents must obtain a Coral Springs Sports Card. 
City of Coral Springs

The Coral Springs Chiefs are a proud member of the South Florida Lacrosse League.  For more information about the South Florida Lacrosse League and their rules and regulations please visit their website at:


The South Florida Youth Lacrosse rules are based off the US Lacrosse/National Federation of State High School Associations book.  The base rules are in the front of the book with any youth specific youth rules being identified in the Youth Section at the back.


Refund Policy -

Because we operate on a pretty tight budget, once we set up the season, order uniforms, etc. we just can't give out refunds under any circumstances. So our policy is as follows:

Prior to December 1st - refund available, less a $20 processing fee, if requested in writing.

After December 1st - refunds not available for any reason.

To get a refund, you need to fill out a written request and send to the following email
Please indicate: the player to which the refund applies, the parent to whom the check should be written, and the address to where the check should be mailed. Depending upon the time of year it may take us 6-8 weeks to get the refund into your hands.

Game Day Rules Boys

Game Day Rules Girls

General Rules

  • NO players who play on a high school team (freshman, JV or Varsity)
  • “All youth registered with on organization and a member of that organizations team roster cannot be transferred to another organization’s team during the season or post season.” NVYLL, rule 1.2.4
  • Programs wishing to play in the league must submit an application for admission with all details of the program and the host organization.  Consideration will be given to programs already in existence.
  • Programs in the league are expected to use best efforts to grow their program to ultimately field at least 1 team at each division.
  • No Play down at all in both Boys and Girls division.
  • Players may play up 1 grade only if their program does not offer a team at their age group.  Teams that are unable to field a complete roster for games may allow players to play up to fill roster for games.
  • When a program has more than 1 team at an age group, program organizers must have a mechanism in place to ensure that all skill levels are equally distributed throughout multiple teams in an age group. (No creation of “All Star” Teams).  A description of the method used to allocate players needs to be submitted to the league president prior to the start of game play each season.  
  • Each Program should do all it can to hold a mandatory coaches meeting prior to the start of the season to review league rules, bylaws, etc. as well as go over what has been agreed upon by the SFYLL.
  • Coaching on field: Mighty Mite, Only One coach on field during play. Coach is not allowed to carry stick or wear lacrosse gloves while on field.
  • All other divisions, No coaches allowed on field during play.
  • Absolutely, no blatant hitting, all hitting should be limited to the “One Step” rule.
  • No lowering of the head or shoulder or running from long distances to make a hit.
  • No one handed uncontrolled stick check
  • No unnecessary roughness on ground balls,
  • Players may not play on multiple teams within their program or in another program.  One team only per player.
  • No unnecessary roughness on ground balls,
  • No tomahawk stick checks (these are the same as the one handed stick checks above)
  • All Members of SFYLL must be members of US lacrosse.

Program Release (Changing Programs)

The league has determined that it is in the best interest of the league and their programs that players that start with a program (HOME PROGRAM) remain with that program for their youth experience.  Players moving to other programs because of travel coaches, or other reasons will lead to recruiting in the recreation league which is specifically forbidden.  Should the player's family move to a new town that warrants the change of program, the player is required to request and receive a release from the original (HOME) program.   All SFYLL programs are required to confirm release from the HOME program prior to registering a player from another SFYLL program.


  • There should be a Zero Tolerance policy for teams that do not show for games or cancel a game once the game is confirmed on the schedule.
  • Each participating member of the SFYLL shall schedule a Home/Away game with other members to allow all members to play each other. This should be done prior to other games being schedule, thereby allowing each SFYLL team a chance to schedule each other.

Equipment Rules

  • Stick Size, as adopted by US Lacrosse guidelines
  • U7, U9 Max pole length is 42"
  • U11 Max. pole length is 54”
  • U13, U15 Max pole length is 72”

Field Usage

Home field responsibilities
  • There should be a League representative on hand at each game to take control of situations that appear to be getting out of hand.


  • Penalties will be served as follows:
  • U7  Change of possession, on field instruction from Ref and Coach
  • U9 Change of possession, Offending player is sent off the field and must stay off the field for the time of his penalty. Another player may replace him on the field (no Man Up/Down). Manage aggressive multiple foul players accordingly
  • U11, U13, U15 Full time serving penalties (1.5 X the amount – 30 sec is 45 sec, 1 min is 1 ½ min etc.)• Length of Game as follows:
  • U7: 10 minute running quarters
  • U9/U11: 12 minute running quarters
  • U13/U15: 15 minute running quarters
  • No more than 4 long poles on field at one time
  • Referees are required for games at all age groups
  • Rosters should be made available to opposing coaches should they ask. Rosters should contain, Player number, Player name and D.O.B.